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Message Link - co-meeting allows you to attach a comments URL in your email.

Last month I wrote about our new co-meeting feature, ‘Message Link’ .

We have had a lot of good feedback from users so far, which is great! Thanks for letting us know what you think! 

Did you also know that you can use these links both within co-meeting and in emails, too?

Just copy the URL of the comment in the discussion pane you want to link to, and paste it into your email.

The person receiving the email doesn’t have to search for the conversation saving time and effort.

If the person who receives the link is signed up to co-meeting, the page will open directly to that discussion. If that person isn’t a member of your group, or isn’t signed up to co-meeting, they will need to be invited to your group, or will need to sign up. 

Enjoy co-meeting!

How to attach images and files?

With the move to open beta testing, you will now be able to attach images and files freely in live-typing chat or in the simultaneous editor during a co-meeting. As was indicated to us on Twitter, the process is difficult to understand as it stands, so we made some adjustments to it.

Regarding attachments, files and images will be attached to the designated area in the document. Because of this, in Live-Typing Chat, it must be set to editable status. (It is always editable in the simultaneous editor, so you don’t need to do anything. This explanation is only as an example for Live-Typing Chat.

1) Place the cursor on the designated area.

2) Click the Attach File button (paper clip symbol) on the toolbar at the top.

3) When you do this a dialog box prompt for attaching a file will be displayed. Choose the file you wish to attach.

4) The upload will take a short time. When the upload is complete, it will be inserted into the designated area. The file name can be edited.

That’s all. It’s simple. Incidentally, when you attach an image a thumbnail will be displayed.

This image can be saved when opened at actual size. It’s a little difficult to understand, but if you make it editable and click the triangle mark in the top right of the thumbnail…

it will be displayed at full size. I think this functionality is a little (very?) hard to notice, so we are planning to improve it in the future.

Attaching images and files can be done through the simultaneous editor on the right side, so please make good use of it.